Maude Wedding
Plymale wedding
Peter's Wedding
Toledo Botanical Wedding Flowers by Downtown Deco
Garvin/Garverick tablescape
Extreme Makeovers Ty
Elite Events Little girl's party
Devers Wedding
Yoder Band Stage
Gupta Wedding
Dillon cocktail hour
Blarney Band Stage
Garvin/Garverick sunset at Legacy Golf Club
Lauber-Cobb by night
Plymale lighting
Hajjar Wedding Family!
Yoder on Coder Tents
Glass City Marathon from on High Thanks
Mansion View Ceremony
Mansion View Inn Wedding
Green Bear Ball Toledo Botanical Gardens
Hajjar Wedding Decor
Manor House
Peter's Wedding
Peter's Wedding
Georgio's Namay
Toledo Botanical Wedding
Toledo Botanical Perenial Garden
Maumee Sport Mall
Lauber-Cobb first dance
Maude Wedding
Yoder Appetizers
The Stables pasture
Kasperzak Wedding Fireworks
Botek Graduation
Gupta Tent Liner
Toledo Botanical Wedding 2
Meyer's Treasure Chest
Gold Chevron
Meyer's Ceremony
Dillon Entrance
Duck-Bersee Evening
Duck-Bersee Bride and Groom
The Stables Whitehouse, Ohio
Georgio's Namay 2
Green Bear Ball Auction Tent
Botek Graduation on the Golf Course
Green Bear Ball
Tullis Wedding
Maude Wedding
Yoder Cake Table
Extreme Makeover VIP Tents
Yoder on Coder
Toledo Botanical Gardens Lake Lawn
Dillon Pretty in Pink
Disalle on the river
Chef's for Children
Dillon Levis Commons
Peter's Wedding
Chef's for children at Steele's
Busy Bee
Corporate Fundraiser
Coon Wedding Close up
Graduation Party Food Table
Dillon wedding
Myers Baby Shower
Toledo Botanical Gardens Pond Gazebo
Wedding by the river
Garvin/Garverick first dance
Manor House Sweetheart Table
Duck-Bersee Reception Line
Mansion View Inn Dining Room Table
Graduation Party Salad Bar Table
O'Connell Cake Table
Fish Wedding Hilton Garden Inn
Endless Long Table
Disalle evening
O'Connell @ Hilton Garden Inn
Garvin/Garverick Wedding
Myers Wedding Cleveland, Ohio
Elite Events Birthday Party
Toledo Botanical Garden Small Park with Arches
O'Connell Head Table
Disalle Cocktail hour
O'Connell Head Table close up
Minor Nautical Wedding
Devers Wedding on the Farm
Valle Wedding Ceremony
Dillon Cocktail Tables
Nazareth Hall
Wedding Ceremony
Hajjar Wedding
Coon Wedding Lace
Maude Wedding
Lauber-Cobb by day