How far in advance do I need to place my order?
As soon as possible.  It is never too early!

What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?  
A pole tent is for a 100% grass surface only as it MUST be staked all the way around.  A frame tent can be set on any surface and can be held with water barrels.

How big of a space do I need for my tent?  
Add 10 ft. to all sides for staking purposes.  Example a 20x20 tent actually needs a 30x30 space.

Can I book a tent just in case it rains?
Unfortunately you can not.  We are an inventory based company and we have to take the guaranteed orders only.

Does the price of the tent include Meredith Party Rentals setting it up?
Yes, our tent prices include the delivery, setup, and tear down in the Toledo area.  Outside of the Toledo area call for additional pricing.

Do I have to be home when my tent gets delivered?  
You do not have to be home as long as your order is paid in full and you have marked the area you would like the tent to be placed. 

How big of a tent would I need if I am having a wedding in my backyard?  
Every wedding is different.  Please visit our layouts page for ideas, but by all means please give us a call so we can customize your special day.

Do I have to actually wash the dishes and silverware before I return them?
All china and silverware needs to be returned rinsed free of food and placed back in original container.  Any items that have remaining food product will be charges a 10 cents per piece cleaning fee.

Do I need tablecloths for the tables I am renting?
We would highly suggest getting some kind of covering for the tables.  This is rental equipment and it is important that your event looks great!

What happens if one of the dishes gets broken or a tablecloth gets ruined?
The customer is responsible for all loss or damage per the rental contract.  Please call for replacement pricing.

My event is for a non-profit will you donate items?  
75% of our business is for non-profit organizations and we can’t give away everything or we wouldn’t be in business at all.  So we have made it our policy to provide a 10% discount for all non-profits with the proper paperwork to make it fair.

What happens if there is a problem with my order and the office is closed?  
We strive to make each of our customers a happy customer.  If you do experience a problem please feel free to call our office line and listen for the on-call phone number.  If you do not get an answer please leave a message with your problem and phone number you can be reached at and they will return your call as soon as possible.  This is an emergency only line please do not call it for general sales questions as they will be unable to answer those.

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